Is Wisr App secure?

Absolutely. Wisr is an Australian ASX listed company (ASX:WZR), with financial services licenses (ACL and AFSL) and obligations. We use biometric security, encrypted transmissions, HTTPS Everywhere and AES-256 encrypted storage, furthermore all our services are hosted on Australian servers.

What does Wisr do with my data?

We take your privacy very seriously. We use your data to determine round-up amounts, thus enabling us to track and apply the correct amounts to pay down your debt. We may also use your data from time to time to determine whether or not you may benefit from one of our financial product offerings. We manage and store your data in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We recognise that any personal information we collect about you will only be used for the purposes we have collected it for or as allowed under the law. It is important to us that you are confident that any personal information we hold about you will be treated in a way which ensures your privacy is protected. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Why does Wisr App require my bank information?

Wisr App requires your bank information just once (per financial institution) so we can establish a secure connection with your financial institution. This enables Wisr App to calculate your daily round-ups, withdraw the weekly round-up value, and deposit the accrued round-ups into your nominated Debt Account.

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