Paying down your debt faster is a pretty cool feeling. So it makes sense to share the good vibes with your friends, family, and colleagues. Invite others to the app, and once their account is active you’ll both get $5 extra paid into your Debt Account. Everybody wins! With 20 invites, that could be up to $100 extra off your debt, just for sharing the love.

How can I invite my friends?

Inviting friends to Wisr App is simple. Log in to the app then go to the Menu. Tap “Rewards” and follow the prompts. Do not give anyone your login details for the app, however. It contains sensitive information.

What are the Terms & Conditions for inviting friends to Wisr?

You can use this feature to have Wisr pay up to $100 off your debt for you. There are a few things to keep in mind with inviting friends. If you’re sharing your code with friends and family, your unique invite code can only be claimed 10 times. It’s also good to know the additional $5 paid into yours and your friend(s) Debt Accounts will only be applied when both of you have rounded-up at least $5 and successfully had this debited from your respective Funding Accounts.

How can I get an invite code?

You can redeem an invite code from any friends and family who are already registered with Wisr App. Ask them to access ‘Rewards’ from the menu within their app and share their unique invite code with you. You can share your unique invite code by text, WhatsApp, Slack, carrier pigeon or however you wish (we’re partial to the owl) by accessing ‘Rewards’ from the menu and sharing your code.

How many friends can I invite to Wisr App?

You can invite as many friends to Wisr App as you’d like! The $5 referral bonus is only valid for the first 20 friends you invite who successfully create an account, round-up $5 and had this debited from their Funding Account.

How do I redeem an invite code?

You can redeem an invite code by tapping on the menu icon on your dashboard, and then tap ‘Rewards’. Follow the prompts to redeem a friend’s invite code.

I invited a friend but the $5 hasn’t been applied to either of our accounts?

You will both receive your $5 referral bonus when both you and your friend have successfully set up accounts with Wisr App, and rounded-up $5 in spare change and had this debited from your respective Funding Accounts.

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