Show me the money.

Watch Wisr App at work in your wallet. Select the purchases you would normally make in a day and see what extra you could pay off your debt. That daily coffee never smelt so good.













Total round-ups for one day


Over one year that could add up to


This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Actual spare change could accrue faster or slower depending on how often you use your tap & go card.

Why use Wisr?

Set, forget & pay extra off your debt.

Once set up, Wisr tracks your daily transactions and rounds them up to the nearest dollar. The total round-ups are withdrawn weekly and paid off your debt each month. It’s like spare change, that’s digital and super useful.

We take your data security and privacy very seriously.

Biometric security, encrypted transmissions, encrypted storage, HTTPS Everywhere, and AES-256 encrypted storage are just some of the ways we use technology to keep your data and privacy safe.


Wisr App really shines when used in addition to the monthly debt repayments you would normally make. Using your digital spare change, you can achieve the debt-free feels sooner.

Sharing is caring
(and rewarding).

Paying down your debt faster is a pretty cool feeling. So it makes sense to share the good vibes with your friends, family, and colleagues. Invite others to the app, and once their account is active you’ll both get $5 extra paid into your debt account. Everybody wins!

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